Who is behind all these words?

Hey Readers,

I am Ryan Cavola a senior marketing student at Western Washington University. Pacific Northwest born and bred. When I am not reading up on the latest technology or marketing news, I am out enjoying the outdoors (skiing, surfing, hiking, and running).

With digital marketing as a central focus of marketing today, I need to develop a strong understanding of how the digital world works and how to use this new knowledge to help generate company growth and development.

I want learn how the latest digital marketing tools and resources can help me become a more valuable contributor. I am also looking further my current knowledge of Google AdWords and Analytics.  I also would love to become better at SEO what it takes to make yourself known.

I found the article Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century to be very applicable to my current position in my educational career.  After analyzing their research findings and the tables provided in the article it got me thinking about my educational experience and the skills that future employers are looking for. Today the skills required for jobs are much more extensive then in the past. This means that marketing curriculum needs to shift away from being so knowledge focused and start to significantly integrate important technical skills and their career oriented application.  I found that only towards the end of my programs marketing curriculum were the technical skills and applications integrated into the courses.  In the article The skills that will get you a graduate job in marketing they list out the importance of IT Skills.  It explains that it is important that you have a strong base of IT skills as the marketing becomes more and more digital.

The article US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016, solidified the understanding that interactive marketing is becoming a big player in marketing strategies.  With social media in full force and continuing to grow, the opportunities to engage with customers increases simultaneously.  The article explains “marketers will invest more in interactive channels because they believe they will generate better results over time.”  The increase in investment towards these channels is also due to the increased ability to measure the results.  All of this makes sense due to the fact that the younger generation is all about the digital landscape and less about the physical newspapers and magazines.  The only way to reach these consumers is to engage them in their digital environments.

The article State of Digital Marketing Talent, I found to be very fascinating.  The survey findings were not surprising to me at all.  The first finding regarding deep talent gap made sense because in undergraduate education today I have found the focus of the course to be extremely broad.  This way of teaching does not allow students to specialize in any one area and become experts at any skill without extensive outside studies on their own time.

Twitter: @RyanC_MKTG

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryancavola


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