Keep It on the Inbound

I am hooked on inbound marketing. It has completely changed the way I think about marketing.  Inbound marketing is a more “natural” less intrusive approach to bring people into interacting with a business. Everyday you hear people complaining about companies who called them inconveniently or sent them junk brochures or pamphlets as well as other stuff that they did not want in the first place. The frequency of people actually engaging after being bombarded by unwanted information is very low, and ends up as wasted time and money for the company in pursuit.

Inbound Marketing is LESS EXPENSIVE.  What a mean is that with inbound marketing you are not throwing away money while pursing uninterested individuals.

I would consider Inbound Marketing to be a more respectful method to bring some into your company.

You could even think about it like a flirting/dating game. Where outbound marketing is the really insecure person (new to marketing) that really has a crush on another person (the unsuspecting customer). But because they are new (like a startup) to this arena, all they know about dating is how to push (outbound marketing) themselves onto their crush and hope for the best. Can I say awkward? It really is, I have been in that position before, and chances are that the recipient will be completely turned off by this attempt at seduction.

A better strategy would be to take some steps to get your crush to come to you (inbound marketing). First of all you do not want to waste your time on your crush if they ultimately have no interest in you at all. In order to successfully attract them you need to develop a solid public presence in the areas you know that your crush is involved with (i.e. on social media or your website). Here you can really present yourself in the best light and see if that hooks your crushes attention. If your presence gets them hooked continue to find good connection to them and help them learn more about you without being to forward. If it does not work then you might want to move on to crush number two.

It makes complete sense. Society has grown to strongly dislike cold call telemarketers, junk emails or spam, advertisements in your mailbox. Those are all outbound marketing methods. Why only purse customers in ways that they knowingly do not like to be pursued?

That is where inbound marketing comes in, the beacon of light at the end of the marketing tunnel. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah are the geniuses behind this marketing strategy. They describe inbound marketing as “using tools and applications that help you create and deliver content that will appeal to precisely the right people in the right places at just the right times”. HubSpot is 100% all about inbound marketing. So much so that their website is covered with examples. While I was browsing the website HubSpot was doing research on me. They must have noticed that I have visited their website frequently in the last few days and presented me with this:

Inbound MKTG Chat Hubspot

They knew I was interested in learning about their company and also that I had come across their website on my own power and they decided to pursue me. This is the way I like to be marketed to.  I was not interrupted and the content was completely relevant to my current activity.

Now that I have put inbound marketing in the limelight, it does not successfully stay there without integrating some form of outbound marketing into the mix. Although outbound marketing often is abrasive and turns people off of companies, it does still retain some redeeming qualities. As I learned from Marketo, outbound marketing still helps you spread the word about your self generated content, which then can increase the amount of views it receives which, further increases the number of potential customers. Get this mixture of inbound and outbound right and you will be well on your way to a successful marketing future. Here are some ending words from HubSpot that reiterate the intent of inbound marketing: attract, convert, close and delight.


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