Are You Having Relationship Trouble?

Its not easy being interesting.  Especially especially in today’s world where expectations are high and time is short.  If you are writing a blog or developing a website and are missing out on page views or engagement you were expecting, chances are that your content is not serving its purpose.  Managing your content marketing strategy is similar to the management of your personal brand to friends and colleagues.  Like with many aspects of marketing, if you fail to be relevant to your audience or peers, they will not make an effort to engage with you.  The solution to this conundrum is to change your approach.  You need to make yourself valuable to your peers, relevant to their needs or interests and maintain consistency over time.  Content is everything!  Well almost. Remember:

No Boring Content Allowed

As the Content Marketing Institute puts it, “content marketing is the process of creating and then distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience”.  It’s all about developing worthwhile content that draws an audience towards you.  Like, inbound marketing, content marketing is focused on a more natural form of customer attraction.  Instead of pushing your brand out, you provide reason to care about your brand and let the customer decide.  In order to be successful at this you need to ensure that the content that you create is useful as well as informative.  The steps to great content marketing include: planning, distribution and metrics for each of the stages of the buying process of multiple customers personas.

How is this all done you say? Keep on reading on.

Do not create content because you simply feel like you need more content.  Content Harmony explains that many company’s invest in content marketing just for the sake of creating more content. This alone will not help those companies excel or stand out. There has to be a reason or goal behind the content.  One of the core elements of developing great content is a well-defined goal that you wish to achieve with your customers.  These goals can be anything from increasing brand awareness and customer conversion to providing better customer service while building stronger customer loyalty.  Defining a clear goal is important because that goal is going to drive what your content will be about.  My goal for my blog is to develop awareness and build a loyal following.  After you have defined your goal you need to get familiar with your audience.  As I observe my audience I am able to find out what they want as well as what their expectations are.  Defining your audience is not just a onetime deal.  Instead, it is an ongoing task your should perform throughout the life of your brand.  Customers change all the time and develop new needs and wants.  An example of this maybe a change in the audiences attention span.  Many people people simply have come to you in search of an answer and then leave.  This is where agility comes in.  You need to be able to develop agile content that flexes with your audience while still keeping your goal in mind.  These are just a few of the key elements of great content marketing.  If you do your research and develop quality custom content, you should be alright.

Creating great content is not a natural born talent.  It requires practice and dedication.

If you made it this far, then I am doing something right :).


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