All about Landing Pages Plus a FREE OFFER!

Landing pages are another marketing tool for you to grow brand awareness and provide value to your audience.  A landing page is a website page that is specifically designed for converting visitors into leads.  Just to be clear a landing page is NOT your homepage.  The ultimate goal of a landing page is to make viewers click.

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!  A Call to action button will encourage visitor engagement on your landing page.  Whether it is a free report or an e-book, the call to action provides incentive to visitors to provide their information in exchange for that free download.  They will act only if they see a significant benefit provided by your offer.  But be sure your landing page is only asking for one and only one specific action from your visitors. Call to action buttons

As people are searching the internet, they are looking for content or information to meet a need or solve a problem. The offer on your landing page should educate and provide potential solutions your visitors problems.  For your landing page to be effective you need to attract the right visitors.  It is important that the content on your landing page is consistent and relevant to your buyer persona.

A successful landing page requires a little finesse and includes all of these critical elements:

  • A clear, concise and compelling headline
  • Remove the main navigation
  • A easy to read description of the offer that clearly explains the value
  • An appropriate number of form fields to capture visitors’ information

The headline is one of the most important pieces of your landing page. You want to make sure your headline refers directly to the place where your visitor come from and match the language.  You have about 8 seconds to grab a visitors attention and as Brian Clark of Copyblogger wrote in there e-book Landing Pages, “landing pages live or die by the quality of the headline.” So make it good! Like headlines for blogs or central websites, the headline for a landing page needs to provide just the right amount of information to spark a visitors interest, so they will read on.  This is where you get highlight the value of your offer.  Once they have made it to the landing page, you want to keep them there until they fill out the form and submit some of their information.  To keep them on the page you want to ensure there is not an easy exit.  You want to remove any navigation links that could pull the visitor away.  Next, you want to be sure your landing page has a short description of the offer and what benefits it will provide your visitors if they download.  You want to be able to answer visitors questions such as:

  • What can I get here?
  • How is this page unique or better than the other websites I have seen?

You need to be able to quickly communicate why you are better, different and special. This can be done by keeping your important points short and even presenting the information in bullet form for those visitors who just skim through the page.

The last of the critical elements is to present only the fields of information that are absolutely necessary and no more than that.  Nothing is more of a turn off for a visitor than having to work through a lengthy form.  Remember, your visitors are short on time and if you can accommodate this fact by providing a simple form requesting a few bits of information your conversion rate with increase.  Now this does not mean you cannot have longer forms.  If you require more information you will have to present an offer that is valuable enough to the visitor for them to put in more time.

After you have developed your stellar landing page you are still not done.  There is more.  Successful businesses have between 10-15 different landing pages that provide a range of unique benefits to their visitors.  Having more than just one landing page will allow you to meet a greater variety of needs and potentially solve more of your visitors problems. In addition, you also need to evolve and alter your landing pages as market demand changes.  All while testing which landing pages have proven to be effective and which have not, and then making the necessary modifications.

Assume nothing. Test Everything.

Now for the FREE OFFER!!!

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