How Paid Search With Google Can Compliment Your SEO


Many people often discount the value of paid search ads because they make the assumption that no one clicks on them.  Well those individuals would be wrong.  People do click on them and in fact they click quite a bit.  There is really no excuse to not having at least a small portion of your advertising efforts dedicated to Google AdWords. It should be a simple extension of your current marketing efforts. In HubSpot’s eBook A Beginners Guide to Paid Search it recommends that AdWords should be used to compliment other strategies that you are implementing.  Additionally paid search is an easy way to do landing page A/B testing because you are able to distribute traffic between your choice of pages and then see which pages have the highest conversion rates.

Keywords are one of the most if not the most important component to your Google AdWords account. Google even provides a keyword generating tool that helps you discover great keywords as well as allows you to see some of the important metrics related to each keyword.  When you are developing your list of keywords you should be selecting those that are relevant to your brand or offering along with those that have optimal conversion metrics.

There are a few reasons from Forbes on why you should take advantage of Google AdWords:

  1. It is both measurable and flexible
  2. Faster than SEO
  3. Provides the ability to control your advertising spending
  4. Helps you compete

With Google AdWords you are easily able to measure the success of any one of you ads or even the entire campaign.  The metrics provide details as to what worked well and what did not.  If you find anything that did not work well, it’s a really easy fix and then you can jump back on the road to success.  In addition to the flexibility AdWords also allows you to customize ad placement as well as the determining factor that will trigger your ads.  What I mean by this is that not only can you create ads to show up in Googles search results, but can also display them in different forms such as pictures or videos and on top of that you can even place them on selected websites (that should of course be relevant to your company or offering) and leverage the display network.  The Google Display Network is awesome! First off, it allows you to quickly create an image ad and then by using the “contextual targeting” tool you can display your ad on pages where people are reading and researching similar topics.  Furthermore you can select the specific geographical locations where you would like your advertisement to show up.  Once you have placed your ad then you can track the conversions based on that ad and then use that information to optimize your spending.

Besides measurability and flexibility it also has some perks against SEO.  With SEO it can take a while before you can start to generate measurable results.  But, with AdWords you are able to instantaneously display your Ads and can generate usable metrics as soon as it goes live.  What is also great about paid search is that it lets you have greater control over your advertising spending.  Before you launch your ad or campaign, you can set a maximum daily spending budget.  From there you can increase or decrease your daily spending budget as you see fit.

You might also be wondering about how the bidding process works. Take a look at this infographic:


Whether you win in the auction or not depends on more than just how much you are willing to bid.  Google also takes into account the quality score linked assigned to your advertisement and landing page.  A high Quality Score means that Google thinks that your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.  The Quality Score has a significant effect on your Ad Rank.  Some of the components of the Quality Score that affect your rank include: the ad/search relevance, the overall quality of your landing page, the geographical performance, your pages past CTR and expected CTR.  So you should consider all of these components before entering into an auction to maximize the potential of winning the bid and improve your ad position.

Although Google AdWords may seem extremely ornate and complex, it really is not.  The complexity merely comes from the multitude of functionality some of which may never be applicable to your specific needs.


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